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3D Printing

Children follow the same process as an industrial designer – putting an idea on paper, construct it with everyday materials, and  turn it into a 3D model using TinkerCAD, and then bringing it to life with a Dremel Idea Builder 3D printer. Adventures in 3D Printing & Modeling was developed for kids who want to bring their ideas and creations to life with a real 3D-printed model. Students use cutting-edge 3D-printing technology to produce, evaluate and reiterate models and design creations. 



Children will enjoy experimenting with science while they learn to build playful motorized creations with LEGO.  Children will be in awe to see their motorized creations come to life! Students will build and program LEGO robots using sensors, motors, and LEGOs playful WeDo software. Through WeDo Lego Robotics will grow creative problem solving skills and enable them to become the critical thinkers and creators of the future.


Children learn to code robots with Spheros.  This robotic ball will introduce kids to block coding. They will then progress to programming the Sphero to complete a maze and other challenges for more advanced programming  skills. Younger children will learn block coding  using Scratch. We offer other classes learning to code  games, stories, and apps.


Learn to program through creativity. This basic programming class is designed to allow young or beginner programmers to develop simple projects. They will use drag and drop blocks to create scripts of which can be played when activated.  Whether art, games, sports, or stories, your child will have the freedom to make things that appeal to them.

Each session is made up of 4 classes 75 minutes long which meets once a week.

One make-up class is offered per session. The cost for the $180.00 per month.

Sibling discount  $50.00 off. Register below.

Afterschool Registration
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